Best Spring Break Destinations for 2018

Not sure where to go this Spring Break?

If the only thing that comes to mind are the stereotypical destinations in Mexico--don't worry--I've got you covered below.

San Juan, P.R. 

San Juan 

If you're looking for something that's similar to Mexico, yet isn't Mexico, San Juan will be for you.

Even during the peak of the season, you'll be able to find relatively cheap housing and hotels. Be sure to check out things beyond all-inclusive mega-resorts, however, if you find the right one they can still be inexpensive as well. Moreover, there will be a plethora of no-stop flights from the United States straight into Puerto Rico, making it very easy to get to. Flights to San Juan have dropped 11 percent in price since this March, so it is something to pay attention to!

After trolling and a round-trip will cost ~$270 dollars whereas your hotel may only be around ~$280 per night or as low as ~$130--depending on the quality of course.

Another strategy to keep this trip even cheaper is to buy two different one-way tickets from differing airlines to avoid having to pay for an overpriced two-way ticket.

Austin, Texas


Austin, Texas is terribly underrated. Every March the South by Southwest festival (March 10-19) is held here which will bring with it A TON of celebrities, fans, popular music, movies, and conferences. 

With that said, the time to visit is either during this or RIGHT AFTER. Hotel prices drop significantly when everyone goes home.

Hotel prices drop from nearly ~$800 per night at some four-star hotels in the region all the way to ~$299 per night right after the festival. Likewise, there is plenty of good to be had in Texas--everything from food trucks to Korean BBQ.

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs

While spring break is typically the ideal time to visit desert-like areas, Palm Springs is no exception. Some hotel rates in the area range from only ~$209 per night while providing you with an amazing retro party pool scene, hot tubs, and ice cream of course.

Furthermore, if you go in March you'll beat the insane crowds that Coachella brings every year in mid-April.

San Diego

San Diego

What's not to love about this spot?

You'll have access to amazing beaches, San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, SeaWorld, and Legoland.

Moreover, hotel rates are around ~$295 per night. 

Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler, Canada

If you're looking for something more wintry, give Whistler a try. 

Whistler is notorious for having crazy college getaways while simultaneously hosting an enormous amount of visitors who will come just for the skiing and snowboarding. 

Through April, offers 20-40% off their hotels in the area!



Airfare to Europe is typically down ~20% throughout March and April. If there is a cheap time to go, this is it. While everyone else is hopping on their flights to Mexico, you'll be able to land a round-trip flight for ~$325 to Stockholm or Copenhagen--if you're leaving from the East Coast.

Anywhere in Europe is a blast, but if mad parties are what you're after, make sure you hit Madrid and Rome.

Whatever you choose--just remember--there is more to Spring Break than Mexico.

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